Tapones para una vida® (bottle caps for a life)

Below is the 2017 data and indicators relating to our collaboration with “Tapones para una vida” ® promoted by the SEUR Foundation.
In 2017 we have delivered a total of:
500,000 bottle caps

With the recycling of these 500,000 caps we have:

  • Prevented the emission of 1.500 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, the main cause of climate change.
  • It would take 250 trees for a whole year to achieve the same benefit for the planet.
  • Y And most importantly, our caps have contributed €200 to the €97,775 obtained in 2017 so that 14 children were able to receive treatments not covered by the public health system.

Remember that you can find out which caps are valid here. There are a lot!!
The collection data for each hotel can be found at this link .

And… now our bottle caps are going to be used to help Laia, so CAP HUNTERS, let’s beat last year’s numbers.