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ECOEMBES is a non-profit corporation whose objective is the design and management of a system aimed at the selective and periodic collection of packaging waste. This is the Integrated Management System identified by the Green Dot.
Since its foundation in 1996, it has been continuously carrying out projects of social awareness and communication on the selective collection of packaging that require the active participation of the public.

With the help of ECOEMBES, Vincci Hotels is committed to improving the selective collection system in its hotels; the objectives of this project include recovering packaging waste, training employees and the continuously improving the company’s environmental best practices, our operational performance and organization in terms of resource management.

The first phase covered those hotels that contract private waste management companies. The collection of light containers is carried out by the cleaning and kitchen staff, who are usually in charge of separating the waste that goes into the containers provided for this purpose.

In order to guarantee the traceability of our waste, daily collection is carried out by our private waste management company, which transports the waste to a selection plant.

Vincci Hotels, in collaboration with ECOEMBES, monitors the project and performs an annual classification of the waste in order to determine the quality of separation at source and to detect opportunities for improvement.


Vincci Hotels has signed a collaboration agreement with ENDESA, in which the utility company guarantees that the same amount of energy we have consumed will be generated through renewable sources and high efficiency cogeneration


Excelencia Turística de Tenerife is a private non-profit organization, established in 1996 and with an extensive and important history in quality management, the introduction of the environmental variable in organizations and the promotion of social responsibility in the hotel sector on the island of Tenerife.

The Vincci La Plantación del Sur and Vincci Tenerife Golf hotels have been integrated into this organization, a partnership which allows us to participate in initiatives and projects aligned with our business strategy and objectives and to work more directly with our stakeholders in the area.